Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Lioness, cub die in Sakkarbagh zoo


Lioness, cub die in Sakkarbagh zoo

Times Of India Ahmedabad Edition

Junagadh : The last 24 hours witnessed deaths of an old lioness and a cub died at the city’s zoo in Sakkarbagh. “Rukshamani, 17-years-old lioness, died of old age, whereas 16-month-old cub passed away after four months of suffering from nervine disorder,” said district forest officer V J Rana, who headed the team of three vet doctors that conducted post-mortem.

“We tried to inject Rukshamani with saline to breathe life into her, but in vain,” he added. “The cub was picked up by the forest officials 16 months ago, as his mother had abandoned him in Babara range of Gir wildlife sanctuary,” said Rana. “He was found in an injured condition with a damaged leg. The vets’ team conducted an operation on the cub and inserted a steel rod in its fractured leg. But incordination of the cub’s muscles had deteriorated its body conditions in the last three months, causing its death,”added Rana.

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