Thursday, January 17, 2008

Red alert sounded for poacher


Red alert sounded for poacher

Times of India Ahmedabad Edition

Junagadh: The Central government’s forest department issued a red-alert to Gujarat on Sunday, to keep a look out for a middleman from Rajasthan. “The central forest department has alerted the many regions of the state forest department to set up check points at all wildlife sanctuaries in the state. Since, it is a very sensitive issue, we have also been alerted,” said Bharat Pathak, conservator of Gir Wildlife Sanctuary (West), adding that the extra caution will be exercised in the Gir forest. According to sources, the middleman is suspected to be operating between poachers and traders of the skins and various body parts of endangered animals such as lions, leopards, bears and various species of deer.

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