Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Wells turn graveyards for Gir lions
Source: Times News Network Dtd. 25th Aug. 2006

Despite 10 to 12 incidents of Asiatic lions having died after falling in open wells near Gir forest every year, the state forest department is yet to come up with a permanent solution.

Sources in the forest department said that there are approximately 10,000 wells in eight talukas adjoining Gir forest, which are dangerous for wild animals, including lions and leopards. The forest department does not have any data showing how many wells remain uncovered or do not have parapets.

Amit Jethwa of Gir Nature Youth Club said that there should be some legislation for digging of wells and the need to either keep it covered or to build a parapet around it.

The forest department had received Rs 32- crore grant for the Eco Development Project in and around Gir forest. If part of the grant could be used for the construction of parapets, Incidents of lions and other wild animals falling into wells might stop, added Jethwa.

When contacted, Conservator of Forest Bharat Pathak said, “Parapet on around 700 wells in nearby areas were constructed by the forest department. The forest officials are also organising meetings with villagers to persuade them to construct parapets around wells for the safety of their cattle and wild animals. The Eco Development grant was not allocated only for parapet construction, but also for other development activities in the forest”

Pathak said that people were also being told to fill abandoned wells in their farm and in many cases, it has been done. However, he could not give the exact number of abandoned wells filled up in the area.

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Lions Rescued from well in Gir
Source: Times News Network Dtd. 24th Aug. 2006

In a dramatic rescue, two lions that fell in a well at a farm on Wednesday were saved by forest officials on Wednesday. The lions fell into the well near Dedan village of Tulsishyam range of Gir forest.

According to sources in forest department, the lions accidentally fell down the 60 foot deep well around 9 am. The well was on the farm of one Lakhabhai. The lions were not injured as the well was full of water.

A forest team with rescue equipment had reshed to the spot after villagers informed the officials. The sources said that both the lions will be released in Gir sanctuary again. One lion was around 2.5 years of age, while another was around one- and half-years old. The well was about without a parapet which is why the accident occurred, according to conservator of forest Bharat Pathak. During the rescue operation, large number of villagers gathered at the spot resulting in chaos.

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