Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Lioness dead, leopard, jackal electrocuted in Gir
Source:- Express News Service – Sept 2, 2006

Junagadh, September 1: ALL’s not very well on the wildlife front in this part of the State. While a lioness died on Thursday evening at Sakkarbagh Zoo Hospital in Junagadh after prolonged illness, a leopard and jackal died of electrocution in the area bordering Gir forests last week.
The lioness was brought very ill to the hospital on August 14 from Sasan (Gir) forest headquarters and was under medical observation for 17 days. Sakkarbagh Zoo Superintendent R D Katara said the lioness was suffering from an infection due to repeated rectum prolapse.

Prolonged illness and weakness are stated to be the reasons for its death. Katara added that the lioness was about 11 years old.
Meanwhile, last Friday, a live electric wire was grounded at Amrutvel village located on Gir forest border.

A jackal reportedly came in contact with it and died while a four-year-old leopard too was electrocuted when it tried to eat the dead jackal.
PGVCL has been asked to replace the old electric supply lines passing near the forest, forest sources said.

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