Sunday, September 17, 2006

Lion Attacks youth in Dhari
Source: Times News Network Dtd. 17-9-2006

Rajkot: A lion attacked a youth on the border of Nani Dhari and Gadiya village, in Dalkhania range of Gir, on Saturday morning. The victim, Jitu Kathi, 25, a resident of Nani Dhari, was admitted to a hospital in Dhari after he sustained injuries on his leg and chest. According to his relatives, Jitu had gone with his cattle on the outskirts of he village when he spotted eight lions enjoying a kill. But before Jitu could leave the area, he was attacked by an adult lion.

Junagadh conservator of forests, Bharat Pathak said, “The incident took place on the border of the sanctuary. There is possibility that Jitu disturbed the lion family which had some adult cubs or Jitu may have been unaware of their presence and might have just blundered up to them.”

A senior officer, refusing to be quoted, said that usually when lions are enjoying a kill, it is dangerous to disturb them. But villagers in Dhari often try to attack them after they kill their buffaloes or any cattle. The officer said this makes the lions angry and they tend to retaliate. Sources in the department said that currently with dense growth of grass in the area, animals tends to stray outside the sanctuary to avoid the insects, leading to human-animal conflict during the monsoon.

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