Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Caught on Camera: This Lion Took a Stroll on a Gujarat Highway

Caught on Camera: This Lion Took a Stroll on a Gujarat Highway

JUNAGADH, GUJARAT:  Spotting a lion in a forest might be a lucky chance for nature lovers, but what are the odds of spotting one outside a jungle? A lion was spotted taking a leisurely stroll, that too on a highway in the western state of Gujarat.

The state has received heavy and continuous rainfall in some parts, especially the Saurashtra region. Such has been the fury of rain in the past 24 hours that a lion decided to move out of its habitat and take a walk on the road in Junagadh area. This area is adjoining the Gir sanctuary, home to the Asiatic lions.

Experts believe the lions have been forced out because of the mud slush and their habitat areas being flooded due to incessant rain.

In a video, a lion can be seen coming out of the jungle onto the main road and casually walking on the road. The lion seems totally unperturbed by the car and the people inside it and walks past them across the road.
These lions were in the limelight recently this year, for their numbers going up in Gujarat's Gir sanctuary from 411 to 523, an increase of 27 per cent since the last census in 2010.


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