Friday, August 29, 2014

MP asks Centre for Rs 59 crores to make home for Gir lions

MP asks Centre for Rs 59 crores to make home for Gir lions
The Times of India

Prime Minister Narendra Modi as chief minister of Gujarat would not part with the state's Asiatic lions. And Madhya Pradesh has been seeking the king of the jungle for its Palpur-Kuno National Park for the past 15 years.

Chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, however, is now hopeful that as PM, Narendra Modi would not object to a second home for the lions. On Wednesday, minister of forests Gauri Shankar Shejwar said that the state has asked for Rs 59 crore from the Centre to make Palpur-Kuno an appropriate home for Asiatic lions.

"It has been recommended by experts that Asiatic lions need a second habitation just in case a major epidemic breaks out in Gir. It is to ensure the safety of the species. While we sent the proposal for funds to the Centre, chief minister Chouhan has asked the forest department to invest its own Rs 30 crore and start the rehabilitation of two villages that would get displaced if lions come to the national park," the forest minister said.

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