Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lion dies after falling into well

Lion dies after falling into well
Times of India

A lion was found dead in a well in Mesdi village in Amreli district on Thursday. The dead lion was found floating in the water by the farm owner, Mansukh Gajera. He informed the officials of forest department who extracted the carcass.

Officials said that the animal was about four years old. It is assumed that it had fallen into the well two days ago. "The carcass was sent for postmortem to ascertain the exact cause of death,'' said an official.

Sources said that the lion might have gone to the well in search of water to quench its thirst and fallen in accidentally. "The open well was around 60 feet deep and the water stood at 20 feet," sources said. The area falls under the Tulsishyam forest range of Gir east division.

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