Monday, July 09, 2012

Lioness attacks Amreli villager

Lioness attacks Amreli villager
Times of India

A 26-year-old youth was attacked by a lioness at Nana Visavadar village in Khambha taluka of Amreli district on Saturday evening. The lioness attacked Jaha Pachadiya when he had taken sheep and goats near the outskirts of Visavadar village for grazing. He was first rushed to Khambha and then referred to the government hospital in Amreli.

The victim received 21 stitches on his head. Pachadiya is out of danger now. When villagers from nearby farms saw the lion attacking Pachadiya they rushed to his rescue. Earlier too three incidents of lion attacks on humans have been reported from villages of Khambha taluka.

A lion had attacked Haribhai Devjibhai Savaliya, a farmer in Jamka village near Khambha, on July 4. Savaliya was sowing seeds at his farm, located on the outskirts of the village, when he noticed a lion pouncing on his cattle. While trying to save the cattle's life, he was attacked by the lion, forest officials said. In all four incidents, lions had been disturbed by humans, which forced them to attack the latter, the forest officials added.

"In many cases, farmers had tried to save their cattle from being killed by a lion, which led an enraged the wild cat. As a result, they attacked the former," forest officials said.

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