Thursday, July 19, 2012

Lion kills farmer in Amreli village

Lion kills farmer in Amreli village
Indian Express

An Asiatic lion killed a farmer in a coastal village of Amreli district in the early hours of Wednesday. Forest officials said they have launched a hunt for the big cat, fearing the animal may attack villagers again.

Jasadhar range deputy forest officer J K Makwana said, "Bhikha Jalu (50) was sleeping outside his home at his farm in Nagheri village of Jaffrabad taluka when a lion reportedly dragged him away and killed him."

Police said it took locals nearly two hours to find and get the body back from the lion.

"The animal dragged the man around 4.30 am. His family members woke up after hearing his screams. When they located the lion, it took them around two hours to make the animal abandoned the body," said a Jaffrabad police officer.

Makwana said that a month ago, a youth was killed by a lion in the same area reportedly after he disturbed two big cats during mating.

But in the latest incident, there was no provoking, said officials.

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