Friday, June 15, 2012

Rs 12,000 fine for illegal stay in Boriadevi

Rs 12,000 fine for illegal stay in Boriadevi
Times of India By Himanshu Kaushik
The forest department has arrested 30 person all residents of Rajkot who had illegally stayed in Boriadevi within the Gir sanctuary the last abode of the Asiatic Lion.
Officials in the forest department said on Thursday night, the forest department official got the tip off that some eight vehicles were parked in Boriadevi, inside the sanctuary. The officials rushed to the area and found a group of 30 people including 15 female and eight kids.
The forest department arrested all of them and during investigation they revealed the entire group had come from Rajkot. The forest department during investigation found that these people had come for the religious prayers, but they could not get out of the sanctuary by 6 pm and hence they decided to stay back.
Officials said that after investigation, the entire group was allowed to go once they paid a fine of rs 12,000.
Officials said that as per the notification of the state government, any person cannot stay within the sanctuary after 6 pm. If any one is found to be staying within the sanctuary after 6 pm, the person can be booked under the Wildlife Protection Act. Forest officials said that this was a big group and hence they caught, but there are several incidents where people stay illegally in these religious places without the knowledge of the forest department.

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