Monday, June 18, 2012

Lioness who lost tail to gangrene, ready to be released in the wild

Lioness who lost tail to gangrene, ready to be released in the wild
Times of India By Himanshu Kaushik

A young lioness, who lost its tail to gangrene, will soon be joining the other members of her pride. The young lioness is now fit to be released into the Gir national park at Sasan in Junagadh.

It was in on May 8 that the forest department found the lioness who had infected her tail with gangrene. The incident took place at Jasadhar range in Gir east when the forest officials realized that the lioness had a swollen tail and there was foul smell was emanating from her as one approached.

Deputy conservator of forest Anshuman Sharma said "After assessing the situation, the doctors were of the opinion that the gangrene has set in too deep and if the tail was not amputated, it might prove to be disaster for the lioness."

The doctors then decided to carry out the operation without waiting for any further treatment and finally in order to save the gangrene from further advancing the lioness's body, had to sacrifice her tail, said Sharma.

Finally after 40 days of treatment and observation at the Sakarbaugh Zoo, in Junagadh the department has decided to release it back into the wild. Officials said they have made all arrangements and the lioness after release would be constantly monitored to see if the group from where she belonged to accepts her back or not.

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