Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Gujarat Tourism changes its logo, Gir lion replaces Toran

Gujarat Tourism changes its logo, Gir lion replaces Toran
Desh By Japan K Pathak

Gujarat Tourism Corporation has changed its symbol almost silently. The earlier logo of Gujarat Tourism was 'Toran' which is tied at the entrance of Gujarati houses to welcome the guests. However the logo of 'Toran' has been replaced by a new logo that features side-face of Gir Lion.

New logo has replaced the old one not in Amitabh Bachchan ads promoting Gujarat Tourism. Gujarat Tourism's official website too features a new logo, replacing the old one.

Gujarat Tourism was set up in late 1970s. It's logo of Toran was created by Ahmedabad based National Institute of Design. However over the years, need of change in the logo was felt.

While Kerala features green coconut tree, sea, and boat in its logo, Goa also does similar, Rajasthan Tourism features colors in its logo promoting Holi. Madya Pradesh Tourism features Tiger in its logo. But Gujarat's old Toran logo was promoting nothing. Thus it was decided by the tourism department to high lite the leading tourism product that Gujarat uniquely owns, and obvious choice was the Gir lion that is found only in Gujarat.

A logo with saffron side-face of lion has also some traditional textile block printing style design in it.

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