Thursday, May 21, 2009



Dear All,

I have being fortunate to visit the 2 most beautiful places, Gir and also Kuno.  The sooner the Lions move the better.

The Kuno habitat is just perfect for the lions. There are some points which I would like to share with you all

1. When the villages were moved out of Kuno many left their livestock behind. These livestock have not be removed as one it would be an expensive exercise and second 30 % of the lions food intake are Maldhari livestock and they would form their supplementary food intake.

2. The place looks like out of Africa in the middle of Madhya Pradesh. Miles and miles of grassland and forests. There is water with Kuno river flowing through the park.

3. TIGER ARE NOT THERE. There is have been instances when tigers have crossed over from neighbouring Ranthambhore NP. The place would definitely have a very support of tigers at for one reason. Very little population of Sambur Deer,

4. The nearest civilisation is Shasaipura, a good 15 km away.

5 Gujrat's reason for not parting with lions are unfounded. The contention of tigers and lions cannot survive together does not hold good as tiger would not be dominate species. Over a period of time lions would take over

6 We must think of India conversation of threatened species rather than our narrow interest. In comings month when some lions may move from the various zoos. We must do our best let this exercise be sucesscufully if not for ourselves but for our children.

Warm regards,
Sharad Khanna,
Until Lion Tells His Story The Tales Of Hunting Will Always Glorify The Hunter
Conserve Nature For Future

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