Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lions on the prowl in Veraval villages

Lions on the prowl in Veraval villages
Times of India

RAJKOT: Three lions on the prowl for a prey are giving sleepless nights to many villagers in Veraval taluka. Villagers of Ambaliyara, Inaj, Umba and Moraj, are burning their midnight oil literally to keep a watch on the prowling majestic cats. All these are coastal villages, around 25 km from Gir forest.

Forest officials confirmed that the lions had attacked cattle in Moraj village near Veraval.

"On Monday night, three lions attacked cattle in Ambaliyara village when the farmer was asleep. For the last three days, villagers are on alert,'' said a villager from Ambaliyara.

KR Vaghasia, range forest officer, Veraval said, "There are three lions roaming near these villages. During summer time, it is common for lions to come in this area in search of water and prey," he said.

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