Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Sakkarbaug Zoo gets 4 African panthers

Sakkarbaug Zoo gets 4 African panthers
Times of India
Print Edition

Visitors to Junagadh's Sakkarbaug Zoo will be able to see four African panthers from Sunday. According to Sakkarbaug Zoo superintendent VJ Rana, the four panthers were brought to Sakkarbaug Zoo in March this year from Singapore.

Two are males and two females. All four were kept away from visitors as a precautionary step, as they are from a completely different environment. According to Rana, the zoo is home to over 900 wild animals, including 42 lions and 48 leopard. Over eight lakh people visit the place every year. "These panthers will be named on Sunday when Chief Minister Narendra Modi visits the zoo," Rana said.

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