Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lions attack two in Amreli villages

Lions attack two in Amreli villages
Times of India
Print Edition

Amreli : After a month and a half's gap, a pride of four Asiatic lions attacked and seriously injured two persons at separate places in Gir on Tuesday evening. Laxman Parmar, 45, a resident of Mahadevpura of Chalala in Amreli district, was watering fields of Bhikha Patel on the outskirts of Nana Samadhiyara when he spotted the lion at 5 pm. Parmar hid behind a 'baval' tree to save himself, but one of the lions chased him out and pounced on him. The big cat bit him in the back.

The same pride went on to Kami Kerala village, which is a few kms away. About 7 pm, the lions attacked 28-year-old Kanu Charoliya near a crematorium.

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