Thursday, July 17, 2008

Two drown in well trying to save bull


Two drown in well trying to save bull

Times of India

Dhari: Open wells in Gir and surrounding areas, which have become a major threat to lions, claimed rather unusual victims on Tuesday evening when two men lost their lives trying to save a bull which had fallen into the waters.

The bizarre incident took place in a farm of Kotha-Pipaliya village of Dhari taluka. The bull fell into the well while grazing in the farm of one Shambhu Kikani. As the news spread, villagers rushed to the site to see the animal, which was struggling to stay afloat in about 30-feet deep water.

"First we tied the bull with a rope by sending some swimmers into the well. Once done that, we tied one end of the rope to a tractor and started pulling the animal," said Ramesh Katariya who had participated in the rescue operation.

"While the bull was being pulled, the rope got entangled in one of its horns and snapped. As the bull fell back into the water, three persons holding the rope were dragged into the well. While Mehul Patoliya (20) was pulled out of the well, two others — Rati Sardhara, 43, and Vashram Kikani, 45 — drowned along with the bull. The victims were cremated on Wednesday on the outskirts of the village as the village mourned the deaths with a bandh.

(1)Bull falls into well. (2) Villagers try to pull it out with the help of a rope tied to a tractor. (3) Rope snaps. (4) Three persons holding the rope fall into the well, two die

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