Saturday, July 26, 2008

Owners can get NOC to keep mines working


Owners can get NOC to keep mines working

Divya Bhaskar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


Recently Girnar forest is declared as wildlife sanctuary due to which stone-mines surrounding the sanctuary were closed by the authorities. On 02-04-08 forest dept. issued a notification by which it asked mine owners to prepare a report "Impact on sanctuary and wildlife Assesment". By submitting this report to PCCF, Forest Department, an "No Objection Certificate" can be obtained and then mine – lease can be renewed or issued. As per this report, mine owners can reduce noise pollution by using quality cutters, beavings, and motors By recycling waste they can also use mine land for agriculture. Mine – pits can also be used for harvesting rain – water.


By adopting such ways mine – owners can apply to DFO – Dungar Range who can do site inspection and further send his inspection report to PCCF – Gandhinagar who can then issue necessary NOC.


A. K. Mulle Asst. Director of Mines & Minral dept giving above information adviced mine owners to get NOC instead of wasting their time behind unwarranted agitations. There are about 70 mines, he said, in five km periphery of Girnar WLS. He also said that in April 2008, mine owners were orally instructed to get NOC. If they had done this in April, their mines could have been working now.  

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