Friday, July 18, 2008

Mine labours oppose the closure of mines


Mine labours oppose the closure of mines

Gujarat Samachar

Briefly Translated from Gujarati


Recently Girnar is declared as sanctuary for Lions. Due to this, as per Supreme Court ruling, about 70 mines were forced to be closed. This led to un-employment of about 25000 labours. To oppose this, a mob of about 5-6000 labours rallied in public and gave a request letter to Dist. Collector.


Kishore Kotecha's Comment : - I think un-employment figure of 25000 is exaggerated.

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Parthiv Patel said...

Its just manipulated figuer from them. It should be opposed with legal action in favor of Environment and Girnar. Its only mining people who are doing this for their Profits and personal wealth. They do not have any hinch of worrieness for poor labours. Where were they till now. ?

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