Thursday, May 22, 2008

Well sans walls drowns 2 lion cubs


Well sans walls drowns 2 lion cubs

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Una: In yet another incident of its kind, two lions cubs fell into an open well in a farm in Khilawad village near Una on Tuesday night and drowned. The cubs were barely a month old.


Despite lions being in the spotlight after the poaching cases in 2007, open wells have remained a nightmare for the big cats. At least half a dozen incidents of lions drowning in the wells are reported every year. "A male and female were playing when they were separated from their mother and fell into the well," said district forest officer J S Solanki.


Gir's open wells had hit the spotlight in 2006 after a number of the wild cats had been killed by poachers and the wells. Corporates had promised funds to build parapet walls around wells, while NGOs sent volunteers to help out. And still, there are nearly 9,000 wells in lion territory that need walls.

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