Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lion cub carcass found in Gir, infighting among prides suspected


Lion cub carcass found in Gir, infighting among prides suspected

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 Junagadh: In what appears to be the fallout of infighting to gain pride control, a lion cub's carcass was found from Dudhala Nes area of Raydi range of Gir (West) on Monday morning, by a team of forest officials. With the process of dispersal at its peak, show of strength for control of territory as well as pride is a common occurrence among male lions of different prides.

"One of three cubs of a lioness, from a pride of nine was killed and eaten. Only the head and paws remained, which were spotted by our team members during a regular round of the range," said BP Patti, deputy conservator of Forest.

 "It is most likely that the cub was killed by a lion not belonging to its pride. The attacking lion must have been victorious, proving to be more powerful than its opponent," said Patti.

Explained Patti, "We are working on the theory, that a fight must have ensued between a lion of this pride and one from outside, in which the latter must have defeated the cub's pride. The lion who took control of the pride, must have chased and killed this cub, borne by the defeated lion."

"Generally, when an outsider lion tries to join an existing pride, this type of infighting does occur. If triumphant, the outsider lion, immediately after taking over the new pride, kills and eats the progeny of the predecessor," said a Gir local.

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