Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Special Issue of ZOOS' PRINT Magazine as a tribute to Late Shri P P Raval

Special Issue of ZOOS' PRINT Magazine as a tribute to Late Shri P P Raval

Dear Friends,

ZOOS’ PRINT the most prestigious and authentic magazine on wildlife and conservation in South Asia has published a special issue as a tribute to LION MAN of India Late Shri P P Raval. He spent prime time of his life in conservation and protection of Asiatic Lion and Gir. In Ms. Sally’s words, “Another 20 years of Raval would have made even more of a difference to Gujarat forests and wildlife.” I can only say, in 19th centaury Nawab of Junagadh saved Asiatic lions and in 20th century Mr. Raval’s efforts were none-the-less.

I strongly recommend you all not to miss this special issue. Those of you, who have not subscribed to this magazine, may read it online or download from web for free.

I heartily thank Ms. Sally Walker, Editor Emeritus of ZOOS Outreach Organisation and her team for bringing out this Special issue.


Kishore Kotecha

Wildlife Conservation Trust, RajkotGujarat

Mob: +91 98240 62062


From: Sally

Sent: Saturday, September 22, 2007 8:44 PM
To: info@asiaticlion.org
Subject: ZOOS PRINT MAGAZINE and JOURNAL October 2007 Contents

Dear colleagues,

The OCTOBER 2007 Special issue “Memories of P.P. Raval, the Lion Man (1951-2006)” of ZOOS'  PRINT [Volume XXII, Number 10] is published and the online version is available free on the web at

http://www.zoosprint.org/showMagazine.asp (ISSN 0971- 6378, ZOOS' PRINT, Volume XXII, Number 10, October 2007 (RNI 9:1))



Memories of P.P. Raval, the LION MAN (1951-2006) Pp. 1-32

PP Raval web.jpg

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