Saturday, September 22, 2007

Carcasses of four Cubs found in Gir WLS


Carcasses of four Cubs found in Gir WLS

Gujarat Samachar Pg -1 (Briefly translated from Gujarati)

For the first time in last five years miserable incidence of death of four lion cubs at the same time in Gir Wildlife Sanctuary has been reported.

Only body parts of two cubs are found and are expected to have died a week ago. Hence real cause of death is not known. Twelve claws were missing from the carcass. Age of these cubs is expected to be four – five months.

On Thursday forest guards were combing Bhuribhekh area of Hadada range in Gir (E) to trace an ill lion. At that time dead bodies of two cubs and body-parts of other two cubs were found. Their bodies are assumed to be eaten away by other wild animals.

Dead bodies of other two cubs were also found in the same area. One is expected to have died four – five days before and other one day before. Both these are about eight – nine months of age. One of them is expected to have died because of abases and hemorrhage.

Samples have been sent to Forensic Science Lab in Junagadh and Veterinary College at Anand. Gujarat State forest department has claimed these deaths as natural and due to diseases. Department is also trying to find out exact nature of dieses and whether any other animals are infected due to such disease.

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