Sunday, September 23, 2007

4 abandoned cubs found dead in Gir


4 abandoned cubs found dead in Gir

Indian Express By Sibte Hussain Bukhari

Junagadh, Sptember 22 Four lion cubs abandoned by their mother were found dead in Gir-east forest division while another died while undergoing treatment in Sakkarbaug zoo. Officials have ruled out the possibility of foul play and maintain that all the deaths were natural.

According to details, foresters, while trying to trace an ailing lion, found the carcass of four cubs in Bhuribhekh area under Hadala forest range in Gir-east on Friday. Deputy Conservator of Forest (Gir-east), V G Rana said, “Remains of the two cubs, aged four to five months, were found from Hadala forest bit and investigations revealed they had died a week ago. The carcasses of the other two cubs, aged eight to nine months, were also found from same area but from a different location. One cub had reportedly died five days ago while another died just a day ago,” he said.

Samples of the carcass remains have been dispatched to the forensic science laboratory, Junagadh and Anand Veterinary College, for a detailed clinical examination. All the claws of the four cubs have been found to be intact and officials have ruled out any possibility of foul play and maintain that death was natural.

In a separate incident, an abandoned lion cub which was shifted to Sakkarbaug zoo a fortnight ago for treatment died on Friday. The cub was found from Sarasia forest range in Gir-east forest division.

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