Thursday, December 20, 2018

Guj readies Barda Dungar as 2nd abode for lions


Guj readies Barda Dungar as 2nd abode for lions


"Barda Dungar is spread over 343 km and located 80 km from Gir in Porbandar district . AHMEDABAD: Under fire for the deaths of 23 lions due to deadly CDV and babesiosis infection outbreak in Gir, the Gujarat government conceded it is set to fast track moving lions to the Barda Dungar sanctuary.Ganpat Vasava, forest and environment minister, said, "We have decided to expedite shifting lions to Barda Dungar following death of 23 lions. Barda along with Kuno Palpur in Madhya Pradesh and two other sanctuaries were shortlisted as probable second home for lionsway back in 1995. This will be a second home for the lions within the state. There are also unconfirmed report of couple of lions reaching the Barda area recently."The Wildlife Institute of India (WII) in its report had advocated that lions should be physically transferred by forest department in Barda Dungar to ensure it remains a free range isolated lion habitat and not connected with Gir Sanctuary through any natural corridor.

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