Friday, August 03, 2018

Farmer booked for killing 2-month-old lion cub in Gir


Farmer booked for killing 2-month-old lion cub in Gir

The Times of India

A farmer from Khilvad village of Gir Gadhada taluka of Gir-Somnath district was booked on Tuesday under the Wildlife Protection (WP) Act after the carcass of a two-month-old male lion cub was found stuffed in a cement bag at his farm on Sunday. Forest officials said that farmer Arjun Baria was absconding.

According to forest officials, during postmortem of the lion cub, three injury marks were found on the carcass. One injury was on the head, second was below the jaw and the third on one of the front legs.

Forest officials suspect that a sharp-edged weapon, most probably an axe, was used to kill the cub.

D T Vasavada, chief conservator of forest (wildlife range) Junagadh, said, "We are not sure of the motive of the accused. But we think that he may be a habitual offender. We have recovered an axe, a net and some other weapons from the house of Baria during the search."

Baria was booked under various sections of the WP Act including hunting. Forest officials have also sought help of the police to trace the accused who is on the run. Police has also been asked to probe if Baria has criminal history.

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