Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Lion that entered villager’s house near Khambha caged


Lion that entered villager's house near Khambha caged



RAJKOT/AHMEDABAD: The Asiatic lion, which had sneaked into a villager's compound and preyed on a calf in Bhad village near Khambha on Tuesday night, was caged near Mityala Sanctuary on Thursday.

Sources said that the lion, which is believed to be around 8-9 years old, was ill and very weak. While feasting on the calf, the lion had gone close to a mare that had pounded it with a couple of brutal kicks, which again left the wild cat injured.


Interestingly, the lion went away into the forest area near by only to return on Wednesday night in the village. The lion sat right in the middle of the main village road but soon escaped into the wild after people raised an alarm.

In the meantime, 
Khambha Lion Nature Club president Bhikhu Patawalainformed chief conservator of forests, Junagadh wildlife, AP Singh that the lion had taken ill since many days and had become weak. It was then decided to cage the lion. Range Forest Officer, Khambha, Rambhai More, who had rushed to the spot on Tuesday night, also confirmed that the lion was sick.


"It had become very feeble probably because it was not able to hunt," said sources.


The forest department team traced this lion near 
Mitiyala sanctuary and finally caged it. It was taken to Jasadhar Animal Care Centre for treatment.


The lion had jumped a nearly 8-foot-long wall of Bhabhlu Bharwad's house and preyed on the calves tied there. Despite people making a hue and cry and efforts to shoo it away into the forest, the lion did not budge from its place for entire Tuesday night.


Bhad village is surrounded by Mitiyala sanctuary on one side and Dhari (east) forest on the other.


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