Thursday, March 02, 2017

Gujarat: Striped hyena killed by vehicle near Gir National Park


Gujarat: Striped hyena killed by vehicle near Gir National Park


A striped Hyena was killed in the Savarkundla forest range in Amreli district of Gujarat, forest officials said on Wednesday. The rare carnivorous dog-like species was found dead yesterday near Adsang crossing at Ambardi-Ghorda village on Savarkundla-Rajula road, they added. Rambhai Mor, a range forest officer at Savarkundla, told PTI that the hyena was killed in the wee hours when an unknown vehicle hit the animal and sped away.


After receiving information, a forest team rushed to the spot and recovered the carcass, he said.


This forest range is located near the lion sanctuary at Sasangir near Junagadh district.


Hyenas have a large head and strong jaws filled with huge teeth used to crush bone. Their powerful jaws and strong teeth are a sign of their carnivorous diet. Although they are mostly scavengers, hyenas are also skilled hunters able to take down relatively large prey. Some striped hyenas even prey on sheep, goats, donkeys, and horses. When foraging, striped hyenas move in a zigzag pattern at a slow trot.


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