Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Forest department trains farmers near Gir forest


Forest department trains farmers near Gir forest



RAJKOT: The forest department organized a series of training programmes for livelihood enhancement of farmers living around Gir forest. According to forest officials, livelihood improvement along with conservation of forest and environment was the need of the time and with the training programmes have been started in Sasan Gir with this objective in mind.

"We provide training on organic farming, vermin compost, techniques of modern farming, along with conservation of forest and importance of biodiversity conservation. During training, farmers will also be informed about digital technology and use of banking and various schemes of banking sector for farmers. Farmers will also be informed about renewable resources water and solar energy," said Ram Ratan Nala, deputy conservator of forests, wildlife division, Sasan Gir.


Forest department has developed models for harvesting water and solar energy They have constructed a water tank for rain water harvesting with capacity up to 8 lakh litre at the campus in Sasan Gir. They have also installed solar plant of 100kwh capacity. These were developed as demonstration models for farmers to conserve water in their houses by trapping rain water and to move towards renewable energy.


"For this series of training programmes, experts from various departments such as forest, agriculture, banks, agricultural college, as well as farmers have been invited. Field visits are being held for live demonstration of successful experiments," Nala added.

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