Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Lion enters Savarkundla's housing society, kills cow


Lion enters Savarkundla's housing society, kills cow

The Times Of India

RAJKOT: Spotting lions near their town is not a remarkable sight for locals in Savarkundla town of Amreli. But residents of Khodiyar Park Society woke up to shuddering roars of a lion that had preyed upon a cow right in their lane.

At around 2:30am on Monday, a fully grown Asiatic lion ventured into the society on Mahuva Road that has nearly 55 houses, mostly tenaments. The society is located within the Savarkundla municipality limits.

"We heard the noise of cattle and suddenly there was roar of lion too at around 2:30 am. We couldn't believe our eyes on seeing a lion that was feasting on a stray cow right in front of the gate of a house. People were watching from inside their houses when lion was preying," said Viral Rathod, who lives in Khodiyar Park Society.

This was for the first time that lion not only came so close to the human habitat in Savarkundla but also preyed on a cattle. 


After spending nearly an hour-and-a half on the street, the lion finally left the society and went towards the outskirts.


According to forest department sources, there are around 10 lions around Savarkundla that roam in five to 10 km periphery of the town. But this was the first time that the lion entered a residential locality and preyed.


Earlier on July 11, a pride of three lionesses and cubs had ventured nearly 3.5 km inside Junagadh on a four-lane road which falls in ward number 1 of the municipal corporation.


The last count of lions in Saurashtra in May 2015 had put the official figure at 523, though the number is believed to be much higher. Lions are frequently spotted in residential localities in towns of Saurashtra.

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