Saturday, September 13, 2014

Crocodiles feast on carcass of Asiatic lion

Crocodiles feast on carcass of Asiatic lion
The Indian Express

Crocodiles feasted on the carcass of a male Asiatic lion which was allegedly killed in a fight with another lion and was washed away into Madhuvanti dam on the borders of Gir West division in Junagadh district on Sunday.

After an operation, the forest department officials pulled out the carcass from water for ascertaining the reason of the death later in the day.

Forest officers rushed to the dam site in the afternoon after receiving information that the carcass of a male lion, around five to nine years in age, was floating in the dam in Mendarda taluka of Junagadh.

"The carcass was floating in the mouth of a stream that feeds the dam. However, the operation to fish out the carcass was fraught with danger as four crocodiles were feasting on the dead lion. Our rescuers took risk, swam into water for some distance and eventually secured the carcass by throwing a rope around the neck of the lion," deputy conservator of forest of Gir West, Kasuladev Ramesh told The Indian Express.

"A post mortem revealed that the lion had been killed by another lion in an in-fight. We believe the wild cat was killed between 48 hours and 24 hours ago," Ramesh added.

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