Saturday, August 03, 2013

Separate lion reserve proposed in Bhavnagar

Separate lion reserve proposed in Bhavnagar
The Indian Express

A separate lion conservation reserve has been proposed by forest authorities in Bhavnagar district of Gujarat after over 50 big cats were spotted in the area.

Dr Sandeep Kumar, Deputy Conservator of Forest, Sasan-Gir, said a proposal had been submitted to the state government.

He added around 53 lions were spotted in the area, which prompted the move.

This region is isolated from the main lion sanctuary in the region, Gir National Park.

"At present, lions are distributed over Gir National Park and Pania sanctuary and other six satellite lion population which are connected to the core population with corridors," said Kumar.

According to Kumar, of the satellite lion populations, Shetrunji river area in Bhavnagar is about 65 km away from the nearest boundary of Gir sanctuary, and not directly connected with the core population.

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