Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Say 'no' to Kuno: Wildlife activists

Say 'no' to Kuno: Wildlife activists
The Times of India

The Gir Forest National Park and Wildlife Sanctuary (also known as SasanGir) is believed to be the last residence for last 400 Asiatic lions over this earth. Gir proved not only just a home to these majestic Lions, but as a paradise to them. Had it been the terrain, vegetation, climate, or medical care, Gir always stood the best for them. It's not only the Gujarat government, but even the people of Gujarat has shown much affection towards these lions. To people of Gujarat, Gir Lions are like members of their family. Gir has always stood the best fighting poaching, hence the Lions there feel themselves safe from cruel hands.

"However, the decision for translocation of Gir Lions to Kuno Wildlife Sanctuary (MP) has been thrown over everyone and precisely the animals there in. The decision slapped down not only Gujarat government but also all the Wildlife lovers and conservationists. While Indian Govt. claims this plan to be the most needful and call of the hour which would offer the Gir Lions more space to expand their prides, on the other hand paved the path for the wild Lions to end up in hell i.e. Zoo. While the whole world is protesting against captivating wild animals, we Indians are denoting this act as beneficial?" said Jalpesh Mehta, NGO, Empower Foundation.

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