Monday, April 29, 2013

Activists, politicos join fight to save Gir lions

Activists, politicos join fight to save Gir lions
Deccan Herald

The chorus for not sending some Gir lions to Madhya Pradesh is growing louder in the state, this time with wildlife activists and political representatives leading from the front.

State wildlife board member Lavkumar Khachar has prepared a review petition to be filed in the Supreme Court. Meanwhile, several NGOs are also seeking legal opinions on whether they can be a party to the review petition or challenge the judgement on behalf of the people of Saurashtra.

To give the movement a political strength, Manavadar MLA Jawahar Chavda too has sought legal opinion and is planning to join as party in the case. "We want the courts to hear our side, it is we the people of Saurashtra who have preserved and saved the lions, the government has just been a facilitator. We have also prevented poaching of these animals,'' said Chavda.

Chavda insisted that the court and the government should take them into confidence before taking any final decision over translocation to any other place outside Saurashtra.

Adding on Khachar said that the successful conservation of the lions was primarily because of the people of the region, and translocation  of the animals would affect the morale of the people.

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