Saturday, May 07, 2011

lion cubs born at Rampara Vidi, foresters jubilant

lion cubs born at Rampara Vidi, foresters jubilant

Foresters of Rampara vidi of Saurashtra are in celebration mood after three lion cubs born to a pair of lions brought here from Gir sanctuary.

Forest officials say the two females and a male were born on Thursday and are the first lions to be born in Rampara vidi.

Five Asiatic lions and three lionesses of selective gene pool were brought to Rampara vidi from Gir sanctuary for creation of a new settlement of Asiatic lions. They are now kept at Rampara vidi with utmost care in observation of experts.

Local forest official are excited about success of this new settlement cum breeding centre. They have declared Rampara vidi as prohibited area. New born cubs, their mother lioness 'Asha' and father lion 'Babaro' are under CCTV camera vigil round the clock.

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