Monday, November 17, 2008

Another poacher gang active in Gir?


Another poacher gang active in Gir?

Times of India


Foresters Comb Sanctuary After Lioness Was Found Injured


Junagadh: Barely a month after 19 poachers— who killed six lions in March 2007 in Babaria forest range of Gir, were awarded three years' rigorous imprisonment— forest department has raised alarm suspecting another gang having become active. Reports suggest forest department has started intense combing of the area.


The department also suspects that the gang belongs to Madhya Pradesh, which was the native of the dreaded poacher, Sarkaslal. Three jeeps of forest officials and police conducted searches in Kankai-Sasan and Lalpur areas of Gir (West ) on Saturday. Sources also confirmed a thorough check of all nomadic tribes, who have settled here.


Top officials have termed the checks as routine procedure. However. sources said, this type of intense operation is taking place for the first time after Sarkaslal's gang was caught in 2007.


A top source in the forest department said, "A lion has been missing since last few days, while another lioness was spotted injured with two of her cubs. Marks of injury on her head and throat do not suggest infighting, but something more." B h a r at Pathak, chief conservator of forest said, "Though we have not been given any specific information, we have been asked to conduct intense patrolling. Following which, we have conducted combing at Una and nearby areas."

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Roynsam said...

It's time that the forest department called in the army and declared open season on all poachers. Kill a few of them and the rest will soon decide to pursue a safer way of life..Poachers are eradicating the heritage of all the peoples of India and although they may only number a small few in proportion to the whole population of India, they are reducing the quality of life for thousands of people. When the wildlife goes the tourists will stop coming and thousands of people will be out of work. Its time to declare all out war on these vile people that bring shame upon their, otherwise great, country.
Roy Fallon

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