Monday, November 10, 2008

3 lions drag away calf at Lor village


3 lions drag away calf at Lor village

Times of India


Amreli: Three lions entered Lor village in Jaffrabad taluka on Monday and dragged away a calf tied to the tether. A woman sleeping on a cot in the court-yard, however, had a miraculous escape. Villagers said she was saved as she had covered herself with a blanket.


At 11 pm on Monday, the lions dragged away the calf from Manu Dudhwala's house. Asmita (25), a guest at Dudhwala's house, woke up scared as she heard the cries of the calf. She raised an alarm, but by then the calf had been taken away. Villagers said this is the second visit of lions in a week. On new year's night, the same trio had been spoted at another villager Mana Chavda's house, but returned without a prey.

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