Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Farmer’s body found, eaten by wild animals


Farmer's body found, eaten by wild animals

Times of India


Just three days after a lioness severely injured a farmer in Jetalwad village of Visavadar taluka in Junagadh district, another farmer was found killed and partially eaten by a wild animal on Monday from neighbouring Ludhiya village in the same taluka. Sources said, Govind Ratanpara, 60, a groundnut farmer, had gone to guard the crops in his field on Sunday night. On Monday morning, his brother Jayanti Ratanpara found his half-eaten body and reported the incident to police. The incident, close on heels of the lioness attack on another farmer, Dhiru Bhalala, on Friday, has left the villagers shaken. However, the animal which killed Ratanpara has not been identified yet.

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