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20 get 3 years imprisonment


20 get 3 years imprisonment

Divya Bhaskar / Gujarat Samachar

Briefly translated from Gujarati


This news has been published by many other news papers and also on this blog. Still few points may have not been missed out by them. So I am giving brief points as published by two local Gujarati news papers Gujarat Samachar and Divya Bhaskar.


Divya Bhaskar


  • This is the first of its kind case where 20 poachers have been given imprisonment.
  • This case is of 6 lions killed last year near Morsupda area near Babariya.
  • Chief Minister of Gujarat Shree Minister also visited scene of offence (I think this may also be first time that top level like Chief Minister) visit the site.
  • The case was handled efficiently by IG-CID (again state level top rank officer) Shree Keshav Kumar.
  • 21 were arrested from river bed in Una. Out of which one died in the jail and rest 20 are found guilty.
  • Respected Judge of Junagadh court who passed this order is Shree P. K. Makwana (my personal thanks to him.)
  • The culprits were found guilty under sections 9, 11, 51, 2(1), 2(14), 2(16), 9(27), 29 and 31 of Wildlife Protection Act – 1972.
  • Lion blood and hairs were traced by Forensic Science lab (FSL) from cloths, nails and weapons of four culprits. This was very much helpful in proving the case.
  • FSL had camped three times at the scence of offense for collecting evidence.


Gujarat Samachar


  • the main leader Ujjwal Gurjar is still not caught.
  • Monsari, wife of Ujjwal is caught but says she does not know about Ujjwal's where about.
  • Total imprisonment is for 3 years out of which they have already spent about 18 months during the case. Now after 18 months they will be released.
  • Apart from six lions poached at Babariya, other two were killed at Bhanduria in Bhavnagar district.
  • CM visited the site on 06/04/07 and at that day only these 21 were caught from Una.
  • After the incidence Govt. of Gujarat declared package of 40 crores for Gir.
  • The accused had white powder, which is Methyl Paratheon as per FSL. This was also used in killing.
  • 03/03/07 three dead lions were found and 30/03/07 other three were found.
  • The main evidence that helped to prove the case were 37 personal statements, two Nails clothes with lion blood stains.
  • Names of convicted are Kuntarsing Nankasing, Mojarsing, Mumtaz Katarsing, Monsari (Wife of mainaccused ujjwalsing), Derbal, Sanajibai, Sarojbai, Jagranbai, Gulbadan, Ramkali, Sevubai, Balak Kuttarsing, Dularsing, Godgon, Gulta, Ram Kumar, Junglosh, Darshan Kattarsingh, Sarkaslal.

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