Sunday, December 30, 2007

Driving license must for Gir visit (For vehicles using Sanctuary Roads)


Driving license must for Gir visit (For vehicles using Sanctuary Roads)

Times of India Ahmedabad Edition

Rajkot: Harried over lion poaching, the forest department has decided to increase vigil in the Gir forest, the only abode of Asiatic lions in the world. The department will note down the driving license number of every driver with a private vehicle that enters the sanctuary.

When a private vehicle enters the sanctuary through Dalkhaniya near Dhari in Amreli district now, the guards at the gate will ask for the original driving license and allow the car only after noting down the number. “If the driver is not carrying the original license, the person who is traveling along, will have to give his license number,” said a guard at the gate.

He said in two cases none of the occupants of the vehicle had the license. “We asked for the photo identity card,” he added. Officials said that after the poaching incidents earlier this month, the officials found that vehicles were entering the sanctuary unchecked. They are worried as traps to snare animals were laid within the sanctuary.

Officials said the government has decided to bolster the internal security as well. Many guards were found wanting prompting government to get strict. During inquiry it was found that the guards on night duty on the Una-Talala road were not keeping a record of entry of vehicles in the sanctuary. Now guards will allow only a delay of 15 minutes. “Further delay can land the driver in trouble,” officials added. Conservator of forest Bharat Pathak said the noting of license number also helps the officials to have the identity of at least one person traveling and this would tighten the vigil.

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Rahul Parekh said...

A nice move by govt to track down the passers. A strict implementation of this exercise necessary, as well as co-operation of drivers & tourists required.
-rahul parekh

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