Monday, December 10, 2007

A dead lion found near Machundri Dam


A dead lion found near Machundri Dam

Gujarat Samachar (Briefly Translated from Gujarati)


A carcass of male lion, age about 11 years, was found on the bank of Machundri Reservoir in Jasadhar Range of Gir East. As primarily reason of death is not known, samples have been sent to Anand Laboratory. On site postmortem was done by Veterinary doctors from Junagadh, Jasadhar and Samter. Mouth of the animal was submerged in water and all 18 claws were intact. Hence possibilities of poaching are rejected by the Gujarat Forest Department officers. This lion was given treatment before six months and was let free after that.


Kishore Kotecha’s comment: To me it looks like death due to ill health and hence natural death.

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