Wednesday, November 07, 2007

River water splashes; (Asiatic) Lion does strange sounds


River water splashes; (Asiatic) Lion does strange sounds

Divya Bhasker (Briefly translated from Gujarati)

After earthquake in Junagadh district flowing water in river in Ladudi village of Maliya taluka splashed two feet high.

Human beings came to know about the earth quake after it happened but wild animals came to know about it even before its happening. A farmer, Haji Kanabhai Baloch has farmland in Chuldi village in Maliya Hatina Taluka. He informed newspaper office that today in the morning at his farmland there was a lion under the bushes. Suddenly it stood up and started doing strange sounds. It appeared that this was not normal roar or challenge call but he sounded as if it was frightened of something.

Kishore Kotecha's comment: I believe this story and also strongly believe that animals do have sixth-sense that makes them aware about natural calamities before they occur.

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