Thursday, November 22, 2007

Religious people angry with forest department


Religious people angry with forest department

Gujarat Samachar (Briefly Translate from Gujarati)

This time every year lacs of religious people travel around the foot of Girnar Hill (called as Parikrama). The route of this track passes through the Girnar forest. About 18 – 20 Asiatic lions reside in this Girnar forest. There are many religious Trusts and NGOs who put up camps along the tracks and provide the devotees with free food and water. Till last year forest department allowed such NGOs to collect dry wood for fire to cook the food. But this year forest department has denied use of the wood.

Due to this NGOs have to bring wood on camel backs from distant city of Junagadh.

Kishore Kotecha’s comment: I appreciate such a bold step by forest department. In fact such tracks should be moved outside the forest. Most of these so-called devotees do not behave themselves while tracking.

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Anonymous said...

Things being done from past need not be right at present situation.. things have changed.. so does animals.. now their survival is the question.. hence.. permission to the relegious people should be denied..

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