Thursday, July 19, 2007

One of the four women is Wife of Sarkaslal


One of the four women is Wife of Sarkaslal

Divya Bhasker Rajkot Edition Pg-5 (Briefly translated from Gujarati)

Yesterday four women were caught by forest department as suspects in connection with eight Asiatic lion poaching in March-April 2007. One of these four, is wife of kingpin Sarkaslal. B. P. Pati, DFO Gir(W), informed that "Big amount of money was found from them. They told that money was brought as fees for Advocate to fight Sarkaslal case."

Kingpin is in jail now. Names of these four women are Bagambai, Kalojibai, Kalojibai's daughter-in-law and Sumanbai.

Kishore's comments: Caught culprits have been saying to Police that they are poor and had come for labour work. Then where did this huge amount come from?

Which shameless advocate from Gujarat is to fight Sarkaslal case?

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