Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Gir lions being monitored, as dams & rivers overflow


Gir lions being monitored, as dams & rivers overflow

The Hindu

Ahmedabad, July 3 (PTI): With rains wreaking havoc in the Junagadh district of Gujarat, the forest department is monitoring the Gir sanctuary in view of a potential threat to the Asiatic lions and other animals following the overflow in dams and rivers inside the sanctuary.

The torrential downpour for the past two days has resulted in dams and rivers overflowing inside the sanctuary, which houses 35-odd of the endangered species of the lions, causing concern for forest department officials.

"Junagadh recorded over 300 mm of rains yesterday. Due to the rains, four major dams located inside the sanctuary has begun overflowing," said Bharat Pathak, Conservator of Forests.

The dams over Singoda, Machundari, Raval and Khodiyar (Shetrunji) rivers located inside Gir are in spate, while Kamleshwar dam located on Hiran river in the sanctuary is overflowing.

However, the official said the overflowing dams did not pose any immediate threat to the lions as most of them live in the hilly reaches of Gir.

"Some of the rivers passing through the sanctuary is also overflowing," he said.


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