Friday, March 09, 2007

Three Lionesses Poaching case - Cash reward from Asiatic Lion Protection Society

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Everybody is concerned about Three Lionesses poaching issue as poachers are still not caught and not only that but in spite of hard work forest department has not been able get the desired result as poachers expertly did their job. Also no strong information or clue is found so far. Gujarat Forest Department has declared cash reward of Rs.50000 to the informer.


To further encourage quick information, ASIATIC LION PROTECTION SOCIETY has also declared cash reward of Rs.21000 to the genuine informer in association with the Forest Department.  


Our society treats the incidence very seriously as it may transmit a wrong signal amongst illegal wildlife traders that poaching is easy in Gir.  It is utmost necessary to catch the culprits.  We request other NGOs and individuals also to help in detection of this case. Please let us know if you find about illegal wildlife trade or activity going on in your area and if you think it may be connected to this poaching case.


Apart from above, our society has also offered to Gujarat Forest Department services of our members physically in the field.



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