Sunday, March 25, 2007

Request for help in three Asiatic lionesses poaching case

Hello friends


Most of you are aware that three Asiatic lionesses are systematically poached in Gir forest around 27th- 28th Feb 2007.


I write this to seek information, guidance, comments or clue that any body can give to solve this case. The brief of incidence is as under.


In Gir, first time such poaching has happened where it appears that a professional gang (with the help local person/s) is involved. There are six traps found similar to those used in MP tiger poaching. Also at the same place full skins and intestines of all three are found. The place where these things are found is assumed to be place of poaching. But No bones or flesh or blood is found at this place. Forest department or CID has so far not found any concrete clue in the case. If you have specific query to understand case better, please feel free to write to me.


The information which I receive from any of you shall be passed on to investigation officer. If you wish to hide your identity I will do that for you or if you wish to give information directly to investigating officer I can send you his email address. But please  please help us solve the case. It is very much important otherwise this will transmit a wrong signal amongst poachers that Gir is no man’s land!


Also let me know if you know names of some experts / agencies / NGOs who have solved or helped to solve such poaching cases in past, in particularly tiger poaching cases. Similarly also let us any names of illigal wildlife traders or suspects or gangs that you know.




Kishore Kotecha

Rajkot – Gujarat - India

Mob: 0091 98240 62062

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