Monday, November 30, 2020

God bless you

Hello Dear,

I am Dr. BENEDITA BIEITO from Portugal (Europe), lived in South Africa for 30years and currently residing in Netherlands, a widow to late Prof Engr. CASIMIRO BIEITO. I am 67 years old and presently suffering from Leukemia.

My health condition has gotten worse and just two weeks ago my doctor informed me that my condition has reach a critical stage, and that I have just 3 months left. This confirmation from my doctor was and still is devastating news; it is hard to know that you have just a little time left to live here.

My late husband was a contractor in both South Africa and Netherlands, he died in a plane crash and during the period of our marriage we could not bear any child. My late husband was very wealthy and after his death, I inherited all his businesses and wealth both in South Africa and Netherlands.

After the doctor's medical pronunciation that I have just few months to live, I decided to divide my wealth to contribute to your country and Africa where my late husband as a contractor made lots of money. I want to assist you with the funds to do great charity works in your country, this is my last wish. I selected you after searching few websites; I prayed and was led to you. I am willing to donate the sum
of Eight Million, Five Hundred thousand United States Dollars (USD$8,500,000.00) to the less privileged through you.

Please I want to transfer this money to you as I am travelling to South Africa soonest to have my lawyer amend my WILL. If you can handle this fund and very sure to do charity works on my behalf then I
will include your name in my WILL when in South Africa, and from there I will travel to Portugal to meet a specialist as I want to be buried alongside my late husband when I passed on. Note that this fund is in
the financial institution and upon my instruction; I will file in an application through my family attorney for the transfer of the money into your account for the said purpose.
The change of ownership will be Convey and Endorsed in your name before the entire funds can be release to your designated bank account of your choice within 48hrs (2 days) the
procedures and how to receive these entire funds from my bank will be directed to you as soon as you get in touch with me shortly.

Lastly, I honestly pray that this money when transferred will be used for the said purpose even though I might be late then. I have come to find out that wealth is vanity and I made a promise to God that my
wealth will be used to support the poor and the assist the sick. Do let me know if you will be able to handle this fund and use it for the said purpose so that I will inform my attorney and my bank on my
decision. Reply to me using this email:

God bless you

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