Friday, April 28, 2017

WATCH: Tourist learns the HARD way to NEVER mess with a gigantic lion


WATCH: Tourist learns the HARD way to NEVER mess with a gigantic lion


The majestic - and extremely dangerous - Asiatic lion dwells in protected areas of India

One tourist learned the hard way never to annoy the giant creatures. 

Travelling at the same pace as the enormous lion, the tourist drove in a car alongside it. 

As the king of the jungle stalked slowly down a dirt road, the car kept up with it. 

Video taken from inside the vehicle shows it getting closer and closer to the animal. 

Eventually the car came far too close for comfort, and the lion was ready to get it to back off. 

As the driver stuck the camera out towards the four-legged creature, it suddenly stopped in its tracks. 

Turning its huge maned head directly towards the car, it stared straight at the tourist. 

Suddenly it let off a menacing roar straight in his face. 

Thankfully the lion was sufficiently pleased with this scare tactic and carried on walking afterwards. 

But it was enough to thoroughly rattle the traveller, who could be heard in the video audibly gasping in terror as he instantly wound the window up. 

The extremely close call has gone viral since the video was shared online.

t's received hundreds of comments on Reddit, with one user saying: "I bet he could feel the vibration from that growl."

Another shared: "I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say don't mess with any lions, regardless of continent."

Last year an endangered Asiatic lioness terrified residents when it roamed through the Indian village of Virpur in Sasan Gir

Video captured the 250lb animal causing pandemonium, with the deafening screams of passersby ringing out around it. 

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